Meet Team Gnar

An interview with Nick Provost and Peter Moyle

Welcome to the Gnarcissist Blog!  We’re stoked you guys are here, and for the opportunity to connect with all of you.  We wanted to give you guys a little background information on Gnarcissist and where we came from.  We also want to get to know you guys, so here’s a little bit about us. Check it out and enjoy! 

First, meet Peter and Nick:


Peter (left) and Nick (right), Gnarcissist co-owners hanging out


Peter (left): Avid outdoorsman. Snowboarder, fisherman, hiker, general outdoor enjoyer.  Makes really, really cool things out of wood. Will drink unfiltered water, straight from the river depending on the elevation…don’t try it at home (or in the woods), folks. Impressive beard. Favorite beer: Black Balsam Porter from Innovation in Sylva.

Nick (right): Kayaker, snowboarder, rock-hopper. Not afraid of slipping on wet rocks…likes to live on the edge. If there is a snowboarding documentary out there, he’s seen it. Likes his music metal and a little scary. Plays the guitar.  Never leaves Wal-Mart without purchasing a movie. Favorite beer: Greenman Wayfarer.

Second, meet Gnarcissist:

Gnarcissist started as a dream we thought of driving to the ski area after school every day. As we would head towards the snow with all of our snowboarding gear in tow, we talked about opening our own gear shop.  Over time, the idea and dream evolved. From gear shop to sunglasses, we’re now an apparel and lifestyle brand.

We both went to Western Carolina in the mountains of North Carolina.  During our senior year, we took an Entrepreneurship class together.  This allowed us to develop a business plan.  After college, we were able to take the plan and run with it.  With all the support we have received over the past few years, we are able to bring the brand to life. The brand has evolved so much, and we’re so stoked on the direction we’re headed.    

Gnarcissist is bringing you guys quality gear at an affordable price.  We thrive off living and playing in the outdoors, and we believe you should enjoy yourselves too.  We also believe that you should enjoy yourself without fear of losing expensive glasses, or damaging expensive shirts. Our products are rider designed and rider inspired.  We love the outdoors as much as you do.

So, welcome to our blog! We hope to bring you guys fun and exciting stuff here.  We want to know what you want to see so feel free to reach out and stay tuned!


Peter (left) and Nick (Right), Gnarcissist co-owners enjoying a few beers.                              


On the lift

nick provost