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Stephen grew up in Eastern North Carolina and started kayaking when he went to Bowdoin College in Maine. His love for whitewater has led him on paddling adventures across the entire United States, Europe, Canada and New Zealand. During the Summer, Stephen resides in Jackson, Wyoming, where he is a coach for Jackson Hole Kayak Club. The rest of the year, he can be found absolutely anywhere, living out of his van and always looking for his next adventure. 




Hailing from Georgia, Beverly was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at a young age, which resulted in her decision to peruse an active lifestyle in health and fitness, not only to help herself, but to help others as well. After graduating from the University of Georgia, she worked for the Department of Defense where she was a fitness trainer for personnel of every branch of the military. She also spent time in Germany, working rehab with wounded warriors at the Landsthul Military Hospital. Currently, Beverly is an elite sponsored Obstacle Course Racer, fitness model and personal trainer. She specializes in elite athlete training and rehab, adaptive athlete training and rehab, strength and conditioning coaching, and Cardio vo2 training

Her message to her clients: "You are going to climb the mountain yourself but I will be your Sherpa along the entire journey. If I can do it, you can do it"



Skier and Skater

A Jackson Hole native, Andrew was born and raised with a love for big mountain skiing. Filming and competing propelled Andrew into the semi professional circuit during high school. During the summer seasons between busy winters, he was feeding his love for skateboarding. Taking podium in skateboarding regional competitions, and placing top ten in the Junior Freeride World Tour Championships, solidified Andrew’s love for competitive skiing and skateboarding. After taking a few years off, he has returned to the competitive aspects of these sports with more energy than ever. Today, his identity carries a story of recovery from addiction, which he has used to his benefit in the world of skiing and skating. He is becoming recognized as the athlete who’s love for the sport is strengthened by his multiple years of sobriety. 
Now competing in the Free Ride World qualifiers, Andrew is making a transition to Salt Lake City, Utah where he intends to compete and film more than last year, and have more fun than ever.




Born in Colorado, Rowan grew up in Western North Carolina on the banks of the Nantahala river. Being in such a prime location, learning how to kayak was the most logical choice as a young teenager. She competes in both racing and freestyle, and is a member of the USA Freestyle Kayak team. Rowan loves boating because it gives her the ability to travel to amazing places and make many friends. During most of the year, she can be found in the greater WNC area teaching kayaking, or anywhere else that the rivers are running. 



Kayaker // Skier

Driscoll was born and raised in Jackson Hole where he learned to kayak and ski at a very young age. In the winter Driscoll is part of the Jackson Hole Ski Team and in the summer part of Jackson Hole Kayak Club. He kayaks and skis because it brings him to places all around where he get to meet new people and see new things. If you ever want to find him, he'll either be on a mountain or in a river.




I'm from a small town in Western North Carolina. I taught myself how to paddle in my backyard pool when I was 13 years old, learning only from YouTube videos. My dad (not a paddler at the time) wouldn’t take me anywhere to kayak until he knew he wouldn’t have to save me! After a summer of learning in the pool I eventually graduated to the river. Since then my love for whitewater has grown to shape my life and influenced how I am shaping my future.  In the future my girlfriend and I will be living in a van full-time to travel and do the things we love including kayaking, mountain biking, and just having fun and living for the moment. I am looking forward to traveling more in the future but in the past I have traveled to the Pacific North West, Callie, Colorado, New York and Mexico. I have also competed in several of the downriver race events here the southeast.  Guess you could even say I've become a Gnarcissist ;)







I'm a 14 year old kid from Asheville, NC. I am a competitive C1er who likes to throw up accomplishments such as being the youngest kid to C1 the entire Grand Canyon and I am also the reigning Cadet National Champion for 2018. Future plans include running the whole Green RIver, hitting bigger creeks, break a 1000 point C1 freestyle ride, and to make the C1 World Freestyle Team. I like to say I was pretty much born in a kayak, as my Father is a two time C1 world champion, and I love doing what I do for the fun, friendships and adventure!